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Frequently Asked Questions

This the general FAQ page. If you have questions about a particular service, there are more FAQ's available on the respective pages.

When can I schedule an appointment?
I generally work from my office in Oakland from 10 am to 7p and spend one day a week meeting clients or finalizing plans at one of my satellite offices between 9-5. I usually plan on working on government holidays (President's Day, Columbus Day) because it is a good time to for couples to meet.

How often should I update my legal documents?
Anytime your family structure changes (you have a baby, get married or divorced) or if you would just like to change some aspect of your legal documents (maybe you decide you want to leave all of your money to non-profit or charity).

Where should I store my legal documents?
You should keep your legal documents and all your vital records in a fireproof safe or a safe deposit box.

I hate using the phone or meeting in person, can I do work exclusively through email?
Most of the work involved can be done exclusively through email. You will have to have your documents signed and witnessed, which cannot be done over the internet. If needed we can work out a signing strategy that meets your needs.

I hate using the internet; can I work exclusively on the phone or through mail?
Yes. Just let us know your preference and we will work out system that works for you.

Can I pay with a check or money order?
You can pay with a check, money order, with Paypal, or with a credit card.

Can I make monthly payments?
Yes. Let us know if you need to schedule monthly payments.

What if I want to order the pack and an additional service?
You can order a service or a pack. If you need to do some mixing and matching, let us know and we will work out a fair price.

How long have you been licensed to practice law in the State of California? Do you have any complaints filed against you?
I was admitted to the bar on December 5, 2008. I have not had any complaints and you can check out my bar profile, and any attorney you are considering using at under attorney search .

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