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Probate & Trust Administration in Oakland

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My law firm, Summerall Law, P.C., serves Oakland and the entire Bay Area by providing sound legal insight about trust administration, including probate. Estate planning, trusts, wills, and probate are matters that can be quite puzzling to many but are also necessary for safeguarding your family’s future. As your attorney, my mission is to provide you with quality legal services to help you better prepare for the future ahead.

Are you worried about the costs of probate and hiring an attorney? I want to help make an already difficult time a little smoother for you. There are unavoidable, court-ordered fees in probate, unfortunately, but you don't have to pay any attorney fees up front to start your case. There's only the filing fee, bond fee (if ordered), and the publication fee. Probate attorneys then have the option to be compensated with 1-4% of the probate assets, which means that you might not have to pay attorney fees out of pocket either.

In addition to getting paid from the probate assets and not charging you anything upfront or out of pocket, I can front some of the fees for your probate case. I can either pay your filing fee or offer a $500 credit to the estate. I want to help you get started and avoid unnecessary delays in the probate process, which can create additional expenses or leave assets to deteriorate.

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Probate & Trust Administration Services

Be sure to review my Probate Intake Form for more information about the questions I will ask in our first meeting, a summary of probate law, a list of required documents, and details regarding payment.

My services include a variety of trust administration matters, such as:

  • Preventing disputes between beneficiaries and inheritors, such as family
  • Minimizing the amount of tax owed on assets or property
  • Assigning a power of attorney to handle the asset and distribution
  • Legal representation for those who are in trust, contested will, or probate disputes

Understanding California Probate Court

In California, probate court fulfills the function of settling debts, taxes and validating wills after a person becomes incapacitated or has passed away. Most people want to avoid probate, knowing that the expense and the time it takes to resolve probate can overshadow the benefits if any. I have seen many families disheartened by the result, and so it is my mission to help you avoid this as best as possible.

These are some strategies that can help avoid probate:

  • Help determine what assets might be owed
  • Manage the final distribution of the assets
  • Assist with the pay off any remaining debts or income taxes
  • Advocate for families in contested probate cases
  • Sending all of the paperwork and documentation to probate court

Probate procedures often involve stacks of paperwork, documentation, and above all else, a substantial commitment of time and energy from your family. If your case does end up in probate, you can rest easy knowing that I can support you through every step, and protect your assets and best interests.

Going Above and Beyond

As an Oakland probate lawyer, I take each and every case personally. I have a standard that I uphold when serving my clients, and that is what differentiates me from all other types of attorneys. I can give you more detailed explanations of the California laws that outline trusts and probate procedures.

We can then sit down to discuss your intended wishes with the property at stake. There are different types of trusts, which can help reduce tax burdens and avoid probate.

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