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Advice Calls

Sometimes you just need to ask a few questions.
We're here to help.

*Please note, we do not represent clients in any sort of litigation or administrative

proceedings, if you need litigation/administrative representation, you will need to

hire a different attorney**

Common Advice Call Questions

How should I take the title of my home? (usually in blended or non-traditional families)

My spouse passed away. Do I need anything?

Will you look at my parent's trust?

Someone is about to pass away; what should I do?

I was appointed as trustee; should I serve as trustee?

I am a beneficiary of a trust, and I have issues with the trustee, questions about accounting, etc. 

Generally, we answer questions regarding estate administration, title issues, interpretation of trust documents, rights as a beneficiary, and trustee's obligations.

We are not as well versed in elder law issues, conservatorships, and guardianships, and people primarily interested in litigating the validity of a trust document (it's better to speak to a trust litigation attorney).



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