ESTATE PLANs Pricing Overview

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Estate Plan Packages 
  • Fancy: $5,000 (Couple) $3,000 (Individual)

  • Classic: $3,500 (Couple); $2,200 (Individual) – Up to 4 hours + a future update

  • Easy: $2,800 (Couple); $1,500 (Individual) – Up to 2 hours (90% of clients)

  • Each Package includes up to 2 deeds.

Insurance Plans
  • “Covered in Full” Benefit: ~$350 (Couple); ~$275 (Individual)

  • “Will Only” Plan: $1250 (Couple); $950 (Individual) + Filing Fees ~ ($200)

Updates and Restatements
  • Updates for Prior Clients: $500 (if more than two meetings, extra $250 per 30 minutes)

  • Classic Restatement Package: $2,500 (Couple); $1,500 (Individual) - 2 meetings + notary appointment

  • Easy Restatement Package: $2,000 (Couple); $1,000 (Individual) - 1 meeting + notary appointment
    (A restatement is a comprehensive trust update for a new client.)

Package Add-On Documents
  • Post-marital, Transmutation, or Cohabitation Agreements are $950 per document.

  • Separate Property Trusts are $500 per trust.

  • Special Needs Trusts are always free when part of an estate plan.

  • Extra Deeds: $200 Per Property.

Related Services

  • Trust Review Meetings (60-min meeting about a trust) are $500.

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Veterans, Teachers, Police, Fire

We gladly provide a 10% discount to veterans and all those who serve our communities through the military, fire, and police departments, and those teaching in public schools (K-12).

Estate Plan Package Details

All Estate Plan package prices include a Living Trust, Certificate of Trust, Deed, Will(s), Power of Attorney(s), Advance Health Care Directive(s), Guardianship Nomination, and Power of Attorney over Child Care (your attorney selects which documents you need). Recording of the deed for your residence and Special Needs Trusts are included at no additional fee if needed.  

Easy Estate Plan Package*
  • Up to two hours with your attorney to complete your estate plan.

  • 90% of Summerall Law clients complete their plan using only 2 hours after the free initial consultation (the initial consultation does not count toward the 2 hours).

Classic Estate Plan Package*
  • Up to four hours with your attorney to complete your estate plan.

  • Plus, a simple update of your plan anytime in the two years after you sign your plan (simple updates are updates that can be completed with one 30-min attorney meeting + a notary appointment).

  • This plan is a good option for younger families that expect their family and assets to grow and change significantly.


Fancy Plan Package*
  • This plan is for people who have lots of stuff and need some extra documents to make their plan work.

  • This plan may include additional estate planning documents such as a transmutation agreement (Post-Marital Agreement), a cohabitation agreement, as many deeds as you need, separate property trusts (for inherited property or property you are leaving directly to someone other than your spouse), and any other trusts or sub-trusts you need.

  • Up to five hours with your attorney to complete your estate plan.

  • This is best for clients who:

  • Have inherited property who they want to leave to someone other than their spouse.

  • Own many pieces of real property.

  • Have separate property and community property and we need to clear up who owns what

  • Own property with a non-marital partner

  • Ex: We got married later in life. I have some property I owned individually, I want to leave that to my child. My spouse and I own some property together, but we are not both on title, I have a rental, he has a rental, and he has a mom who needs a separate sub-trust for her care. We want restrictions on what the surviving spouse can do with the property we own together.


*Estate Plan Package Pricing Details
  • Initial 30-minute consultations for new clients are always free and do not count toward attorney hours in your package.

  • Hours with your attorney are based on the scheduled meeting time of 30 or 60 minutes.

  • Time the attorney spends drafting your plan or responding to an email that can be answered in five minutes or less does not count toward attorney time.

  • All other emails will be responded to during meeting time.

  • If you need additional time with your attorney to complete your plan, the fee is $250 per 30-minute meeting or $500 per 60-minute meeting.


  • Package payments and/or Property Transfer or Notary Fees are due at the plan notarization/signing appointment.

  • If you have a package plan and purchase an additional meeting, payment for that meeting is due when scheduling the meeting and is fully earned on the day of the meeting unless you cancel with at least 24-hour notice.


Insurance Covered Plans

For all insurance plans, the property recording, and notary fees are not covered by insurance. The fee structure is as follows:

  • The property recording fee is $200 dollars and notary fees are $15 per signature.

  • In most cases, those fees total $275 for an individual and $350 for a couple.

  • If you have a “will only” plan you will also pay the fee to add a trust which is $1250 for a couple and $950 for an individual.


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