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Why Summerall Law?

We Put Everything into Making This Easy and Worthwhile

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Savvy Plans, Convenient Process, Clear Pricing (Nice People too!)

The most common comment we get from clients is, “That was way easier than I expected.” There’s a good reason for this. We build “easy” into everything we do. Here’s what that looks like.

The bottom line: 
  • More Affordable: Most our clients pay $3000 (couples) or $1500 (individuals) -- $1000 less than many places.
  • Faster: Most of our clients are done in 2-3 meetings.
  • Easier: Online scheduling, online meetings, efficient notary appointments. We respect your time.

Easy Is A Process All About You 

You probably feel like you already have enough hold music in your life. So we make sure your convenience starts before we officially meet and continues through the end of the last dotted line. No wonder 98% of our clients complete the process. 

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Online Booking

(rescheduling too!)

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Intake Forms

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Free Initial Consultation

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Smart Technology Instead of Lots of Paperwork 

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Video Meetings

(in-person dog-friendly meetings available too!)

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Convenient Notaries Throughout the Bay Area

Easy Is a Better Plan in Less Time

Our plans have 15 popular features that we rarely see in plans done by other firms (most clients pick 2-3 of these for their families). That’s because we built our estate plans based on what our clients have told us is most important to them and what has actually worked in our significant experience with actual people and trusts. (The industry’s standard practice gives you a plan made by risk-analysis software designed for ultra-wealthy families.) These elements include:

O  Guardianship of children when you have an international family

O  Caring for your pets

O  What to do if you do not have a trusted family member to serve as your executor/trustee

O  Meaningful dispute resolution clauses

O  Easy-to-update sections 

O  Multi-tiered options for folks with special needs 

With all these extra options, our hyper-organized process still moves faster than the rest of  our industry.


The vast majority of our clients are done in three hours of their time, and their plan is ready to be signed three weeks after their first call with us.

Easy Is Heartfelt Support 
(for Emotions that Inevitably Come Up)

This process brings out every sort of emotion. All of the more than 1,000 clients we see each year are navigating some of life’s most important ‘what ifs.’ Often they come to us during a major life event. Our process may be easy, but life is just as hard and real as ever. So our team is trained to support the emotional side of your journey too.


We see our role as helping you create the best plan for you; that means helping you understand the pros and cons of your options, not judging your choices or telling you what you “should” do. So, we give thoughtful recommendations based on your specific situation and the real world, no “one-size-fits-all” just take it or leave it lectures here!

We’re here for you. You can do this. You and your loved ones are worth it.

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