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Estate Plans Made Easy

Plan for your loved ones now...

So they will be better cared for after you pass

With estate planning that’s fast, friendly, easy, & affordable.

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Available statewide in California


4.9 stars based on 500+ reviews

$1500 Estate plans, details here


Takes only a few hours
of your time


Easy online forms to get you started


Friendly attorneys for the hard questions


No mystery about what we do, what you get, or what it costs

“Incredibly easy to work with, quick to respond, great value for price. Would highly recommend!” Jenna B.

We've made it easier for you to do the right thing. 

Estate Plans

Take care of your loved ones in less than 3 hours. Avoid probate and save your loved ones money and time.

per person

Includes 2 meetings—used by 90% of clients.

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Advice Calls

Estate Related Questions? Speak to a lawyer without breaking the bank. 

per session

Offered in 30 & 60 minute sessions.

DIY Forms

Only need a Power of Attorney or Health Care Directive? Complete a short form and get your document within 48 hours.

per document

Offered in 30 & 60 minute sessions.

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“My advice to those looking for an Attorney for Wills, Trusts and Probates? Look no further. You will be well taken care of. OUTSTANDING!”

~ Warren W.

- Guilt or shame about not taking care of loved ones.

- Survivors dealing with probate court for more than a year—with a $30K+ legal bill.

- Signing a plan that doesn’t reflect your wishes.

- Wasting money on the wrong plan.

Survivors waiting too long to get their assets.
- W
asting time & energy reviewing infuriating legal documents.

We can help. Get started today.

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Having no plan (or a bad plan) causes problems like...

We help you make the tough choices that reduce future family feuds.

Estate planning done right

We know you’ve got work to do and a life to live. So we’ve made it simple & easy for you to get your affairs in order. The right plan in the right amount of time. 

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Your people

Know your loved ones will be well taken care of after your death. 

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Your comfort

Appreciate being treated with dignity, warmth & respect.

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Your stuff

Know your assets  will be distributed according to your wishes.

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Your convenience

Appreciate a process that’s organized, speedy—and affordable. 

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Your advisor

Know your attorney works only on estate plans and can help you find solutions that fit your needs.

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Your time

Appreciate clarity with quick summaries, key concepts & easy instructions—all in plain English.

Ready for a plan that takes covers international relatives, same-sex couples, special needs beneficiaries, specific inheritance traditions, etc? 

Starting is the hardest part

We made it easy. To start—and to finish.

Imagine completing your estate plan in about three hours of your time.

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Complete basic form (5-10 mins)

Receive link to an online form ∙ Answer a few basic questions ∙ No account numbers or socials needed ∙ All ready for our 1st meeting

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We meet (30-60 mins)

Video meetings Available ∙ Discuss your intake form ∙ Determine your goals ∙ Answer your questions

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Review your draft (15-30 mins)

Receive your draft plan in a week ∙ Review your plan (we include time-saving summaries to make this doable)


Meet again (30-60 mins)

Review plan together ∙ Answer your questions ∙ Finalize your plan ∙ Identify any post-planning steps

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Finalize, sign & pay (30 - 60 mins)

Summerall Law notaries available around the Bay Area or sign at any CA UPS Store ∙ Pay ∙ Complete any post-planning steps on your schedule


Why we do what we do

When I completed an internship around medical & legal partnerships, I saw how the right legal documents were crucial for relieving the pain of people deeply suffering.

And that’s why I started this business.


To make something so important easier for more families to take advantage of, not just the super rich

Sarah Summerall
Founder & Managing Attorney of Summerall Law

To create space for clients to have difficult conversations with a warm, approachable & caring attorney. 

To make it easier for you to have tough conversations with your loved ones that will survive your passing.

To preserve continuity as much as possible after you pass. Like.. allowing your child to stay in your home and/or receive continuing medical care for special needs.

With a process that’s simple. With attorneys that are organized. With prices that are affordable. 

So you’ll know— what to expect, how long it'll take, how much it'll cost. 

And… so you can live in peace, knowing your affairs are in order.

Need a Spanish-speaking attorney? Alvaro and Celeste have got you covered.

Our Team


Sarah Summerall


Jihyun Kim


Mary Miramontes

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Kelly Wessels


Kameela Hall


"Capi" Schnuggles


Albert Wu


Kate Bartles

Amina 2023_edited.png

Amina Dzano

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Alyssa Benavidez


Celeste Villa

Shelley Williams.png

Shelley Williams


We’ve made a hard thing doable

  • 15+ years, 100s of testimonials, 1000s of completed      plans

  • Trusted by professors, doctors, lawyers, teachers & other professionals

  • Clear pricing, simple process, affordable amendments

  • More Trust options offered only by us to make life easier

  • Better plans with better processes & organized lawyers

  • Free consultation to see if we’re a fit

  • Loads of great scores & reviews on Yelp & Google



Ready to create your estate plan? Or Not?


Your loved ones will be taken care of


Your survivors will save 


Be proud you took care of business


Amazed how easy it all 


Work with a community-minded business


Keep feeling you should do 


Keep worrying how to protect 
your loved ones 


Keep wondering about ending 
up in probate


Keep questioning who’ll get 


Leave family members unsure what you wanted

Ready to stop worrying what would happen to them—if something happened to you?


Got questions? Just ask.

We’ll get back to you quickly to schedule a call or answer your questions. Promise.

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